Get rid of your hangover with Party Patch™

Feel like partying tonight but already afraid of the hangover tomorrow morning? Choose Party Patch™. The ultimate and natural protection against hangovers. Apply the patch before you start partying and you’ll be able the conquer the world tomorrow morning.

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  • 100% SAFE & NATURAL

Be one step ahead of your hangover

Party Patch™ makes sure you won’t suffer as much from the physical side effects of alcohol, and it supports your natural defense system. In this way you are always one step ahead of your hangover.

Say goodbye to your hangover

Party Patch

Party Patch ™ is the ultimate natural protection against hangovers. A 100% natural patch that safely administers vitamins and nutrients through the skin. Party Patch™ improves and restores the natural immune system of your body and ensures a considerably better hangover. All you have to do is apply the patch before you start drinking and leave it there for at least 8 hours after drinking.

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Still a hangover? Then you just get your money back

Party Patch ™ works. Really. But Of course, don’t take our word for it. If you are not satisfied, we won’t be happy either and you’ll get your money back. Although, and to be honest, we know you’ll recommend Party Patch™ to all your friends.

That way you too outwit your hangover

1. Adhere the Party Patch™ to your upper arm, shoulder, back or top of your buttocks (if you don’t want to show you want to outsmart that hangover) before drinking.
2. Have a ball but leave the Party Patch™ where it is for at least 8 hours after you have stopped drinking alcohol.
3. Get up, without a hangover, and show everyone that you outsmarted your hangover.

The ingredients of Party Patch™ meet the highest quality and safety requirements and are absorbed through the skin via the patch. Do you want to know exactly how Party Patch™ helps prevent a hangover?

Yes, I also want to party without hangovers

Curious about the experiences of others? You can read it here

I had a VERY large 3 day weekend and I would wear one and take it off the next morning and re-apply a new one in a different spot. Never felt bad for one second all 3 days!!! These things work and work very well!

Jamie W.

I take these with me wherever I go. I have shared them plenty and everyone loves them.


Works wonders. Delivers its big promise.

Christopher M.

This patch was awesome we went on vacation and drank all night and got up feeling great the next day! I will definitely order this product again.

Daniel S.

I wore a Party Patch last weekend. I drank somewhere between 7-10 Fireball shots and a 1/2 bottle of Pinot Noir. I woke up feeling surprisingly good.



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